Monday, February 21, 2011

Interaction of Three Branches Activity

Here are some websites to begin at for your project:

Legislative Branch (this is ONLY bills currently before congress).
--TIP:  Try searching the and looking at the "congressional record" link for laws that were passed in the past. (also has information for other two branches)

Executive Branch (go to "search for a final rule")

Judicial Branch (supreme court rulings)
--TIP:  Do a search for your topic. It may come up with "oral arguments." These are written records of cases that have been argued before the court, noting what each lawyer said. Once you find a case where lawyers spoke about your topic, search for that case. This could help you find a case where the court made a decision that affected your topic.

ALSO--Do your own research!  Try searching, for example, for "Federal Court rulings on ____________ " or "Bureaucratic regulations on ___________________ "


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